Akhtar Hardware Company

About Us

About Company

Empowering Projects, Ensuring Quality

Founded in 1998 by Mian Akhtar Ali, Akhtar Hardware Company has been a pioneering force in the hardware industry. What began as a vision for quality and reliability has evolved into a trusted name, setting benchmarks in the market.

CEO - Junaid Bin Akhtar

Junaid Bin Akhtar’s strategic vision has guided the company to new heights, making Akhtar Hardware Company a symbol of innovation and excellence.

Managing Director - Awais Akhtar

As the Managing Director, Awais Akhtar brings a wealth of experience, ensuring the company’s commitment to quality remains unwavering.

Our History

Quality That Speaks Volumes

1998 - 2023

At Akhtar Hardware Company, our mission is to provide top-quality hardware solutions that empower projects and exceed customer expectations. We stand by our values of integrity, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Us

Reason For Choosing Us

Quality Material

Elevate your home's aesthetic and security with stylish and durable door hardware. From modern handlesets to smart locks.

Leadership Excellence

Led by CEO Junaid Bin Akhtar and Managing Director Awais Akhtar, our team is committed to setting new standards of quality and service.

Trusted Legacy

We have built a legacy of trust and reliability in the hardware industry and trusted partner in creating a home that stands the test of time.

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