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Door Locks

Ensure the security of your spaces and unsafe places from your home with our reliable and robust door locks.

Drill Screw

Trusted for quality, AHCP is our flagship brand for screws that meet the highest industry of standards Goods.

Aluminum Trim

Enhance these visual appeal of your projects with our top-notch aluminum trims options are the best for you.

Wardrobe Handles

Handles, in general, are often used as grips or points of control on various objects or tools.

Kitchen Pumps

kitchen pumps are designed to simplify daily tasks, making your kitchen more functional.

Drawer Knobs

Elevate the aesthetics of your furniture with our stylish and functional drawer knobs

Black Drywall screw

Black drywall screws are specially coated fasteners designed for use in drywall installations.

White Drywall screw

With self-tapping capabilities, these screws simplify installation, eliminating the need for pre-drilling.

Drawer Locks

Secure your belongings with our range of drawer locks, offering both functionality and style.

Sliding handles

Sliding handles are used in doors / windows, offering a convenient solution for opening and closing.

3D Hinges

Black trim adds a bold and sophisticated touch to interior and exterior spaces.

Elfy Super Glue

Elfy Super Glue is a high-performance adhesive known for its quick bonding and strong hold.

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Trusted for quality screws, AHCP is our flagship brand known for delivering excellence in every fastener.

Proton Impex

Our commitment and global standards is reflected in Proton Impex, ensuring cutting-edge products for our customers.

Akhtar Sons Trading Concern

The part of Akhtar family, Akhtar Sons Trading Concern is dedicated to providing comprehensive hardware solutions.

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